Thursday, June 23, 2016

OAS head calls for recall of Maduro to restore democracy in spiraling Venezuela - The Washington Post

The head of the Organization of American States, seeking to help wrest Venezuela out of a deepening crisis that has led to food riots, on Thursday urged support for a recall referendum against President Nicol├ís Maduro. OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro said the government in Caracas was responsible for the near-collapse of Venezuela’s economy and had resisted offers of humanitarian help to rescue the country from its downward spiral of chaos and violence.

“This crisis is reaching a breaking point,” Almagro said in a report to ambassadors from the 34 countries that make up the regional bloc of nations, including the United States and Canada. “These challenges cannot be blamed on external forces. The situation facing Venezuela today is the direct result of the actions of those currently in power.”

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