Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pres. Francois Hollande in Haiti to promise help from resented France

"No negotiation, no compensation can repair the wounds of history that still mark us today," Pres. Martelly told Hollande in a speech before an invited audience of dignitaries in the capital Port-au-Prince. "Haiti has not forgotten, but Haiti is not stubborn," he added, attempting to put an end to a fierce debate in Haiti about whether it can rebuild relations with its former colonial power without demanding reparations. Pres. Hollande, in turn, promised Martelly that France would finance a large-scale program to modernize Haiti's education system, but steered clear of the question of a multi-billion euro cash pay out. "You're not asking for aid, you want development," he told Haitians. "You're not asking for welfare, you want investment."

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