Wednesday, July 23, 2014

US/ Latin America: Bridging the Pacific: The Americas’ New Economic Frontier?

Bridging the Pacific: The Americas' New Economic Frontier?, written by Atlantic Council author Peter Rashish, proposes nine concrete steps to promote the Asia-Pacific trade agenda and ensure the United States, and its fastest-growing trade partner, Latin America, benefit from an ambitious TPP agreement. Among them:

President Obama should publicly champion his international trade agenda and engage with Capitol Hill to explain the merits of an Asia-Pacific agreement.
TPP countries should advocate forcefully to ensure the agreement improves and streamlines the confusing current collection of overlapping bilateral deals.
Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, and others in Latin America who wish to join TPP should be welcomed into the talks to create more geographical balance.
The TPP negotiating process should be made more transparent without sacrificing confidentiality, and its goals should be communicated more clearly and effectively to the public.

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