Saturday, October 18, 2014

Latin America is a region plagued by incumbents

Term limits are moving to eternal presidential tenures, says Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez

US Ambassador Catherine M. Russell Travels to Chile and Guatemala, October 19-23

Honduras lauds Dominican Republic’s 911 system

Candidate to Lead OAS Says Cuba Shouldn’t Be Excluded from Regional Summit

Guatemala's Eduardo Stein, one of the candidates seeking to become head of the Organization of American States, said on Thursday that it would be regrettable if the presence of Cuba at the 2015 Americas Summit prompted other countries to boycott the event.

Peru Invites India to “Share the Development Challenge”

India and Guatemala Start First Steps to Sign FTA

U.S. Extends Immigration Benefit for Hondurans, Nicaraguans

India and Argentina Hold Business Meeting to Strengthen Ties

Argentina Hails New Members of UN Security Council